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Helios IT Solutions – Healthcare IT Services Provider

Helios IT Solutions (Pty) Limited is an innovative ICT services provider that specialises in the healthcare industry. We view technology as a strategic enabler that allows us to deliver service excellence in an affordable and sustainable way.

Our primary focus is on offering technology-based solutions to the healthcare industry in South Africa. However, we have also extended our reach to the rest of Africa (with a specific focus on Zimbabwe and Swaziland) and internationally.

Our Service Offering

We offer comprehensive IT services that encompass the use of a range of networking, development and IT administrative tools. To browse our service offerings, click here.

Available Products

Our product range is a key differentiator. Guided by many years’ experience, we have specifically chosen to offer the following products as they are particularly effective in streamlining the administrative processes to create efficiencies and sustainability within the healthcare industry:

Our IT Platform

Our IT platform reflects the complexity of the healthcare industry but remains highly scalable and robust. It is based on Intel architecture and complemented by the latest proven technologies to ensure that our solutions are supported and available to our customers on a 24/7 basis.

We use software provided by world-leading vendors including:

  • Oracle
  • EMC
  • Symantec
  • Avaya
  • Nice
  • Blade Technologies

Our state-of-the art Data Centre employs the latest developments to ensure high availability while our disaster recovery (DR) site mirrors our primary data centre on a slightly smaller scale. The system also features real-time data replication to our DR site.