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Our Vision

“Creating a world of sustainable healthcare.”

Helios IT Solutions is a young, innovative leader in the technology space. We are also the ICT supplier of choice for the healthcare industry in South Africa.

The Helios brand is embedded in our approach to technology. The word “Helios” is the Greek word for “the sun” which, as the centre of our solar system, creates the perfect environment to sustain life. We believe that technology should play a similar role in business. Technology is the enabler that exists to create the ideal environment in which business will thrive and remain sustainable.

Our practice is therefore to immerse ourselves in our clients’ strategic processes while aligning our strategy with theirs to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

In short, we empower our clients to offer sustainable healthcare to their members.

Key to achieving our short and long-term goals is having high calibre, committed and passionate people who work together to achieve a common goal.